It’s finally done, the complete version of Nice Guy Sentai: FedoRanger, a collaboration parody comic I did with my good pal Brett (he wrote the whole thing, because he is the Comedy Joke KingGod) based around a singular joke between us and our friends.

You can see the rest of our blood, sweat, and tears in visual form here under the cut, or over here, too.

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"…whether I want him to or not!" again, I’m into this comic idea.



okay so what if i call it “leave me alone”

youre in your mid 20’s, your parents kicked you out when you were 19 because you werent making them enough money like the magical cash cow they hoped youd be for them. you’ve been homeless, every relationship youve had has stabbed you in the back, you’re not cut out for the jobs you want, youre too insecure, and there was one week you almost died three different times. youre full of a toxic resentment for not getting everything you never worked for, and you kind of want to die.

you’re not some tortured hero, you’re just a shitty adult, and a shittier person for being so nihilistic over a few life pitfalls.

one afternoon you wake up and find the shitty city you live in is run over with some kind of debatably spooky stuff, and unlike some of the other people you keep- briefly - running in to, you really don’t care.

these guys can get themselves killed, but you have a car and there is a highway, so you may as well take advantage of the lapse in real life responsibilities as a way to get out and start your dream life in a different state, and you may as well take some stuff before you go.

Slice of life monster flick? I’m in!